Wireless Barbecue Thermometer: Buying Advice and Barbecue Thermometer Review

If you ask any professional cook “What is the most important device in BBQ cooking?” they will surely say a wireless barbeque thermometer for the grill and another for the food, or a gadget which can monitor both grill heat and food readiness. But what if you’re not very much into barbeque food preparation and only wish to be well placed to prepare heavenly BBQ meals in your back yard? Do you still have to purchase a BBQ thermometer?

Being aware about the temperature level of your grill and smoker as well as of the temperature of the food you are cooking is really important. As you already know, different types of food products have to be prepared at different temperatures in order to keep the maximum amount of their calorific value as practicable. According to the US Department of Agriculture: “The colour of cooked food and birds isn’t necessarily a definite indicator of its degree of readiness. Only by utilizing a food thermometer can one precisely establish that a meat has reached a safe temperature.”

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As a matter of fact, most grills come with in-built thermometers which display the temperature of the grill and smoker. The issue is that these thermometers are not very accurate and you may still have to use an additional thermometer for the food.

The better news is that currently there is a enormous choice of traditional and wireless barbeque thermometer devices that you can get. Nonetheless, not all BBQ thermometers you may find can offer an equivalent value for cash. Here are some key things to have a look for when buying a wireless barbeque thermometer.

Accuracy. By far this is the most vital feature of any grill and food thermometer. It’s advised that you opt for digital thermometers because they show more correct readings compared to dial thermometers.

Speed. The rate shows how long it takes to get an accurate reading. Once more, digital BBQ thermometers can provide faster readings than normal dial ones.

Adjustment. Some BBQ thermometers can be pre-set: you can set the temperature the food you are cooking that wants to reach, the time it has to stay on the grill and pre-set alarms. Although this is not a total must-have feature, it’s truly useful for those that lack experience in BBQ cooking.

Simplicity of use. Obviously, the best thermometer is one that you can start using immediately. That suggests that you should look for tools that not just feature all of the characteristics you want but thermometers you can figure out the simple way to use immediately.

As mentioned previously, there are many hundreds of different products to choose between. One of the best wireless barbeque thermometers currently available is the Wireless Barbecue Thermometer by Oregon Scientific.

This wireless barbeque thermometer mixes all the already mentioned vital features plus many more: digital LCD displays, wireless sensor for temperature and food readiness, different programs (beef, lamb, veal, burger, pork, turkey, chicken, fish), doneness calibration (rare, medium, well done), audio alert features (about prepared, ready, overcooked, out-of-range) and so on. Furthermore, it comes with a BBQ Recipes Cook Book featuring your fave BBQ dishes. So, if you’re enthusiastic to take your BBQ food preparation talents to a higher level or simply do not want to have the same excuse for badly cooked BBQ meal, I strongly urge you to purchase the Wireless Barbecue Thermometer by Oregon Scientific.


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