What’s For Dinner For A Hungry Family!

Okay, I know it’s hard to believe, but there is actually a website called Cookbooks that provides recipes for every occasion and even the worst cook in the world can come up with ideas from this site! It’s true!

It’s 6pm and baseball practice is not over yet, homework isn’t done and who even remembers what a bath is! Not enough hours in the day? Understood! So, here’s the age old question: What’s for dinner?

My pantry had all kinds of miscellaneous things neatly piled in sections. My freezer had a few frozen tidbits, but what could I make for dinner? Cookbooks.com to the rescue! After having a very successful cookbook fundraiser with Fundcraft Publishing last year for our church mission trip, I learned about Cookbooks.com. Let me tell you – this site is truly amazing. Once you use it, you will always use it.

So, I had almost no time to cook and bedtime was approaching and homework wasn’t even done yet. Don’t you just love those kinds of evenings? I think we have all experienced them. And I refused to pick up fast-food for the third time in a week. Voila! I inspected the pantry, found a few ingredients, spices and a little meat in the freezer – had no idea what to do with them or if they would even make a meal – but I knew Cookbooks could help me with the largest recipe database on the market today!

I went to Cookbooks and entered “ingredients” in the section provided. Then a plethora of recipes appeared, all of which would make a fantastic meal with the miscellaneous ingredients I had on hand. Fantastic! Moreover, I even had choices!

Here’s what worked for me: I had rice, some seasonings, hamburger meat, bacon and a few other little add-ons. I simply entered the ingredients into the ingredient section and an entire list of recipes came up! I was astonished! (and relieved).

This recipe popped up that I chose: “Spanish Rice” Fry bacon and hamburger. Cook rice with 1 teaspoon salt and some butter. Mix together and bake 45-minutes. Wow! It was easy and tasted great! My kids gobbled it up and there was nothing left over. It sure did beat the drive-thru burger at a price that no mother loves. We had a home cooked meal, albeit, not fancy – but great tasting, filling and it was prepared, cooked and served in less than an hour, start to finish.

Thank you Cookbooks! The magic doesn’t stop there. You can get recipes on your cell phone which makes for a much easier grocery shopping trip. You can even enter such entrée names like, pot roast, steak, casserole and more and automatically receive a multitude of varied recipes for that entry. I’ve now learned to cook my family’s favorite – pot roast – about ten different ways! Each recipe is so tasty that we haven’t been able to pick our favorite yet!

Think all of that is easy? Make sure to check out their Quick and Easy section where you’ll find a long list of Quick and Easy recipes sure to make even the pickiest of eaters satisfied. And yes, cleaning the kitchen is a breeze with these recipes. Quick, easy and very light clean up – and served in minutes to your hungry family.

Happy eating! And enjoy the number one cookbook site with the best options, recipes and choices!
~ Kim G Lain, Marketing Writer and Strategist, and the awesome
Fundcraft team
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