The Top 5 Infrared Grills

Infrared grills are definitely the most technologically advanced of most modern types of grills available on the market. They have extremely high temperatures, and are designed to cook very quickly. This method is known as “searing” and does several things for your foods. First, in terms of steaks, this is the only way you can have a steak house quality steak cooked in the comfort of your own home. If you have ever had a steak at a high quality restaurant that specializes in meat, then you know what I’m talking about. You are probably salivating thinking about it. Searing a steak cooks the exterior in minutes, while locking in the meat’s inherent juices and flavors, while adding flavors that are the result of precious carmelization that happens with these temperatures, only on an infrared grill. The difference in grilling is obvious; the flavor is extremely delicious, and the texture of meats are tender and moist.. People who are always searching for the perfect steak will be more than pleased with the results of an infrared grill.. Grilled vegetables also benefit from infrared heat because the same searing technique also creates robust flavors that are unlike any other method of cooking or grilling. 2

Without further ado, in no particular order of superiority, here are the top five infrared gas grills available on the market today.

1. Solaire Infrared 42” Gas Grill

With three main burners and 82,000 BTU’s, and the option to have a rotisserie kit, it is no wonder this Solaire Infrared Solaire Infrared grill is so popular. The burners can also be converted to convection mode. The 42” grill gives customers great versatility, as they are intended for use with accessories like the fryer, griddle, steamer, and smoker, and at the same time, while still allowing cooking space to remain open.

2. TEC (Thermal Engineering Corp) Sterling G3000FR Infrared

For the ultimate in steak grilling, this is your machine. A champion for grilling all varieties of foods, this machine was made for perfecting the grilled steak. It’s temperatures get way hotter than nearly any grill on the market, and can sear a steak like no other. The heat is maximized by the technology of radiant glass. Like all other TEC grills, you know the technology is up to the minute, and these are very much top-shelf grills.

3. Fire Magic Echelon E1060 Infrared Grill w/ Power Burner On Cabinet Cart

This grill is nothing short of a marvel! It is a gorgeous to look at as it performs. The construction is made to stand up to rain water and the outdoor elements. It has four infrared burners, and 60,000 BTU’s. The styling is sleek and seamless, with curved corners, towel bars, fold down shelves, a paper towel holder, and shelves for holding tools. Its hood is double-walled, and has a warming rack. Included is a wood chip smoker, a feather-lite lift hood, polished control knobs, and a drip tray that comes with disposable liners. And then, for when the action is really getting hot, you have 1056 square inches worth of cooking space to work with! All of this, from a company who is well known for producing some of the best high performance grills on the market.

4. American Outdoor Grills 36” Grill 4

This beauty was designed to offer the styling and performance of more high-end grills, at a lower cost. With amazing assets like a construction of fine 304 stainless steel, and the fine engineering that comes from being designed by the R. H. Peterson Company, you’d think you would be paying a whole lot more. This grill also has an incredible funneled system for grease management, and features like an infrared rotisserie, and a side burner. The main burners deliver 48,000 BTU’s in output, and the ignition is electric. This grill is have received rave reviews from customers, and it delivers exactly what it promises!

5. DCS 48” Professional Outdoor Gas Grill

A show piece as fine as any work of art, yet also a grilling maverick, this DCS grill DCS grill is among the best you will see. It’s exterior is as gorgeous as the interior performs, and you really cannot beat the gleaming stainless steel. A grand total of 861 square inches of grilling surface gives more than ample space for high-volume cooking. The BTU’s max in at 100,000, and you have the option of two side burners with 17,000 BTU’s each. The best part about this grill is the rear infrared burner.


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