Solaire Infrared Gas Barbecue Intense Heat For Awesome Grilled Flavor

When the infrared burner was first invented it was used in a variety of settings including heating stores and warehouses. When initially invented the infrared burner was used as a space heater with immediate success. Solaire infrared BBQ grill are manufactured in America by Rasmussen Iron Works. Rasmussen is a family owned manufacturer founded in 1907 making fireplace tools. Today, in addition to gas logs, Rasmussen Iron Works manufactures custom outdoor kitchen appliances, accessories and the Solaire infrared gas grill. These products include highly crafted gas logs, gas heaters, and of course infrared grills.

Solaire infrared gas barbecue grills lock flavor inside grilled food with intense heat. These grills can preheat in 3 minutes. Solaire infrared grills are ready to cook within minutes of lighting the grill making day to day cooking very convenient and flavorfull. What sets the barbecues apart is the intensity of the infrared grill burner. The infrared grill burner provides higher gas efficiency, has fewer flare ups, is more convenient, and can provide the heat of charcoal grilling without the messy cleanup. Heat radiating from the thousands of tiny pressurized flames grills the food with direct heat instead of slowly heating the air trapped inside a BBQ hod.

The features and benefits of Solaire models set them above other infrared gas grill companies. A nine volt powerful igniter, heavy gauge electrodes that continue sparking year after year, folding side shelves on carts and posts and American materials and workmanship allow for a solid warranty. Infrared gas barbeque grill parts are manufactured in America with the highest standards of materials and workmanship. Although several models of Solaire infrared gas grills come with a rotisserie kit and infrared back burner the models that do not come standard can still be used to rotisserie at high and low temperatures. Solaire infrared grills can be retrofitted with a natural gas conversion which is included in every grill sold. Additionally, there is a model for every use from several different portable infrared models to many sizes of portable cart grills and built in infrared gas grill heads. The casual griller can opt to have the 27′ grill, the 27′ deluxe grill, the 27′ deluxe infravection grill or the 27′ deluxe infrared grill with rotisserie and the hardcore griller can get the 56′ with built in refrigerated cart.

With or without a back burner we were able to barbecue the Thanksgiving turkey. To do this, turn on the infrared rotisserie back burner if available (if not, off-set the grill burners). Spit the bird and balance the load. Add a little heat to get moisture circulating after a light coating with olive oil. Take the BBQ pan and fill with water, or beer if you prefer. This will act as a convection heat and turns the water into steam, basting the turkey automatically. Add moisture if necessary until inner meat is 165 degrees. Our fifteen pound turkey took two and a half hours. This was a succulent turkey that is sure to please any amount of guests.

Because Solaire is the only infrared gas grill that can add different burners and accessories quickly and easily the variations for barbecuing and grilling are endless. The infrared gas grill burner is the best cooking technology on the planet used in many high-end restaurants and available in your backyard. However, where the Solaire infrared gas grill is truly versatile is in the control valve/infrared burner design. The design allows an infrared burner to be removed by simply pulling the casing free of a tension bracket. With the convectional ‘blue-flame’ burner the Solaire is capable of barbecuing at low heat settings more common to water smokers, rotisseries and cold smoke barbecues. Although the valve design allows a Solaire infrared grill to be turned down to much lower temperatures than any infrared competitors, for really low heat the infrared burners can be removed easily replaced with blue-flame burners that barbeque well for beer-can poultry, smoking ribs or anything else that need 175 – 200 degrees. This low heat is not possible with other infrared grill manufacturers.


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