Smoke Signals Magazine and PitMasters Barbeque Reality Show

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Barbecue is in the news more frequently these days. There are two items that I would like blog about; one is the new TLC show that follows barbecue competitors on the circuit. The other is the new magazine sponsored by the Barbecue Brethren forum fame. The new show stars several competitors on the circuit and it follows them around just like the reality shows. And just like the reality shows they get into each other’s faces with challenges and insults. I am not sure that I like the format but it makes for an interesting show. Some of the characters are a appealing and some of them are very annoying. Myron Mixon of Jack’s Old South seems to be the star of the show. He wins a lot so he gets to mouth off quite a bit. After a while he starts to grate on you. Otherwise it’s a pretty good show.

The best part of this show is the opportunity to see what the pros do in prepartion for a contest. It’s eye opening to see the attention to detail for each entry and the lengths that they go to please a judge. The appeal of competition is the braggin rights of being the best cook because the prize money is not great. I don’t know how many episodes there are but I plan to keep watching.

The other MediaNews is the premier issue SMOKE SIGNALS. This online magazine sponsored by the Barbecue Brethren. It is full of recipes, interviews, products, and news from the barbecue community. It’s an online magazine and is free. I always like free. The online viewer mechanism is a little cumbersome but it’s not bad. I think all of the barbecue enthusiasts will enjoy the magazine. You can go there by clicking this link.


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