Review of “Startin the Fire”

My friend and neighbor George Hensler just wrote a book about starting a competition barbecue team. The book is a great read on the topic of barbecue and specifically on the topic of barbecue competition teams. This book is all about entering the world of competition barbecue, there are no recipes so don’t look for any. George gives a very detailed look at what it takes to get going.

Getting into competition barbecue not a trivial pursuit. There is a huge time and money commitment. George goes through the process of planning and organizing the effort so that process doesn’t take away from the cooking. He also points out that barbecue competition cooking can be great fun. If you are considering starting a competition barbecue team then this book is required reading.

A great upside to reading this book that George is an excellent writer. He is a contributing columnist for the Kansas City Barbecue Society newsletter called the Bull Sheet. His style of writing is upbeat, conversational, and funny. We think that you will enjoy the book.

Go to George’s website now by clicking this link if you would like to get more information about the book.

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  1. Looks great! Just ordered a copy and added it to the “Cookbooks” section of my bbq store – with a link back to the review.

    LOVE the cover art!



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