Memphis in May

We traveled to the Memphis in May barbecue festival last spring.  It was the first time to this event and the first time in the city of Memphis.   Our goal was to have a good time, enjoy some top notch barbeque and to check Memphis out.  I can say, without a doubt, that all the goals were met.

Memphis has the reputation of being the epicenter of barbeque and the reputation is well deserved.  There were more “Q” restaurants and joints than I’ve ever seen in one spot.  If you haven’t been and you’re a fan of barbeque then you have to put it on your “bucket” list.

It is also one hot town for music.  We went to BB King’s club on Beale street and the joint was jumpin.   We hit a number of other spots to include Graceland (to pay homage).  There were a number of other spots we put on our list to hit on the next visit.

But back to barbeque and the Memphis in May festival.  We learned that we showed up on the wrong day to sample the barbeque from the competition teams (to be corrected next year).   The next day we observed the on site judging and the turn in’s for the blind tasting.

The staging area booths set up by each team were quite original and colorful but I have to say that the real show were the presentations done by the designated pitch person from each team.   We learned that the winners had to be real showmen in addtition to producing the best of the best in each judged barbeque category.  It was a real education.

We’re going to keep making the rounds to these events because we get to appreciate what a passion real smoked barbeque is to so many people.  The bottomline, it was fun.




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