Let the Barbeque Season Begin!


Our barbeque season began last weekend with the Pork in the Park barbeque festival in Salisbury, MD.  The festival opens the season for most of the east coast barbeque community so it gets alot of attention.

There were ninety three competitors entered for the event.  Cooks were competing in the categories of “Anything Butt” (anything but barbeque), “Whole Hog”, and the main KCBS categories of chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket.

The wife and I are Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) certified judges and this contest was right in the backyard so off we went to Salisbury.  The weather was great and we met many other KCBS judges who also happen to be nice people.

Lots of good barbeque was produced at this event.  There were only a few entries that I would consider mediocre to bad.

If you are not already familiar with barbeque judging I want you to know that it is alot of fun.  The KCBS reps run a pretty good event and they make it fun.  The major benefit is that, as a judge, you get to take home some nice sized portions of great, professionally cooked, barbeque.

As said previously, there are many nice people that happen to be KCBS judges.  Judges came from as far away as Lake Placid, NY to judge this contest.  These folks also happen to be pretty good barbeque cooks.

The second benefit is that you get to trade barbeque cooking tips with other aficionados.  We picked up some great information that we plan to pass on to our readers.

Team Names Are Fun!

Team Names Are Fun!

If you would like to take a look at the results of this contest follow this link.  Barbeque festivals are a very enjoyable pastime and come highly recommended by the team at BSBC.



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