Juicers: Juicing the Next Health Wave

Have you ever heard someone talk about juicing? However, you may have wondered what this actually is. Well, it is a new way to get all of the fruits and vegetables that you need to eat each and every day without actually eating them. You will be turning them into juice.

Now, if you are interested in trying to juice then you will need to purchase a juicer. You do want to make sure that you have taken the time to research this product so that you are buying a juicer that will give you more juice and less pulp. This is the best way to go because you want the juice. Individuals that really understand juicers will tell you that you need to get a twin gear juicer. As any critic of juicers will tell you, the twin gear juicers are top of the line. They supply the highest juice to pulp ratio.

People that have used the twin gear juicers in the past will tell you that they run much quieter than other juicers. This extracts the maximum amount of nutrients possible due to 0% chance of oxidation. It also crushes it and grinds it. This gives you the most nutrients and this is best for you. This after all is the main goal for juicer manufacturer’s everywhere.

The twin gear juicers do have some disadvantages not found in single gear juicers however. They are very expensive and many people cannot afford them. This can be hard for people that do not have the strength and this causes them to sit in the cupboard. Next, they cannot be used as food processors and many people do not like this. This is a real disadvantage to some people that are not strong enough to feel the fruits and veggies through.

In the end you will find that the twin gear juicer really is the best option for your juicing needs. It has a larger yield of pure juice, least reported foam, and highest mineral and enzyme retention. This makes the twin gear juicer the ideal appliance for the dedicated juicer. Drinking the juice will definitely make you feel better and this means that you will want to use it more and more. Finally, it has been shown to help you feel better.

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