How to Work with Food Pyramid For Kids To Prepare Healthy Meals

There are various body processes that affect individual growth, although the aspect each of them have in common is the need for proper nutrients. It is now common practice to discuss the food pyramid for kids since it teaches parents best ways to meet adolescent children’s dietary needs with out triggering over weight or serious diabetic issues in adult years. When you take a look at statistics and see that sixteen percent of U.S. children are obese, it follows that precaution is not enough.

The food pyramid for kids emphasizes the particular 5 groups of foods which are vital for better overall health: dairy products, meat, pastas and bread, fruit and vegetables, fat and sweets. Special mentions warn users that fats and sweets should only be used sparingly for children between 2 and 6. By using a variety of foods only can you meet the nutritional needs of a growing child, and also create the premises for good eating habits to develop later in life. Here are some common eating habits that stand in contrast with the rules of the food pyramid for kids:

large desserts, fruit-flavored soft drinks; sugar coated cereals, hard candy, tough meats, and chewing gum

If you stay with the food pyramid for kids you can build a diet regime that may be both equally well-balanced and abundant with nutrients. The quantity of foods ought to match to the degree of intellectual and physical activities. The variety of dishes is not the only issue, as the overall diet needs to provide sufficient iron, calcium, minerals and vitamins. Sugar and fat are problematic at all ages, and they should be carefully used. Give a good personal example to your children and you will see how great that works.

You can promote the food pyramid for kids by using its basic guidelines for all the family members. You can’t ask your child to stay away from soft drinks if he/she constantly sees you drinking them. When you have the same dietary guidelines to follow in the house, things are a lot simpler. It is wrong to treat your child with ice-cream all the time.

To conclude: you should implement the basic ideas of the food pyramid for kids into the family’s healthy living diet. Cook natural healthy meals and keep fat and sugar levels low. This will teach your children the basics of good eating, and will make you be at peace with your kids’ nutrition. If you are creative, they won’t get bored and they will enjoy family meals!


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