How to Barbeque Beer Can Chicken on the Smoker

beer can chicken
Image by ghbrett via Flickr

Beer Can Chicken hit the scene some years back as a very popular summertime barbeque creation that was easy to do and tasted great. It is still very popular today. It is the ideal dish for the backyard smoker barbeque chef because it is simple to do and you can vary the recipe a thousand different ways for a thousand different flavor combinations.

This recipe is quick and easy. I would try some of the different recipes on this website or just take a basic recipe and experiment. The family will love it and if you have guests you will be sure to get alot of compliments.

If you want to try you hand at chicken on a beer can go this page, how to barbeque beer can chicken and follow the steps.  To get even better result put the chicken on your smoker with some peach wood chips and use a spicy rub.  You cant’ beat chicken cooked this way!


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