How Milk Foods are used in Alkaline Diet

The pH miracle diet tries to control many alternative conditions in the body, including obesity, thru the omission of acidifying foods and behaviors. One of the most surprising inclusions on the list, at least to Westerners, is milk. Dairy products, although a mainstay of the Western diet, are not included in the diets of most of the populations around the planet. So what does the remainder of the world know that we dont? Dairy is not obligatory for health ; from a pH perspective, it is essentially dangerous to the body.

Many of us believe that dairy and milk are critical for bone density and for overall health. However , dairy products have large amounts of protein and fat, which are both acid forming elements. Cows milk and products made of cows milk produce acid. Goat and sheep milk and cheeses, which have less fat and protein, produce less acid. The only dairy exception is clarified butter that’s alkalizing thanks to the short chain fats inside it.

In 2003, the Harvard school of Public Health released an alternative pyramid to the FDA recommendations based on inequalities that the members saw in the original pyramid. Although it didn’t mention acid and alkaline foods specifically, the pyramid shows a tendency toward alkaline foods. One of the most striking differences between the FDA pyramid and the Harvard pyramid is the inclusion of a dairy serving or calcium supplement one time daily. The FDA recommends two to 3 servings every day, as well as dietary supplements.

Dr. Meir Stampfer, a professor in the departments of Epidemiology and nourishment and the Chair of the Department of Epidemiology at the Harvard college of Public Health, points out in an explanation of the Harvard pyramid that US citizens should be eating less dairy goods. The body needs calcium, but not at the levels present in the two to three servings endorsed by the FDA. Calcium is required for standard bone development and maintenance ; yet the average adult can get enough calcium from a supplement. The levels of calcium present in 2 to 3 portions of dairy every day can really be harmful to health. Excess calcium intake may increase the risk for certain cancers and there have been no links between massive amounts of calcium and osteoporosis prevention.

in addition, dairy is far from being a pure food. The dairy industry has worked hard to proliferate the image of cows milk being necessary and harmless. Consider , however , that 50 years back the average cow produces 2,000 pounds of milk a year and today cows average 50,000 pounds every year. Drugs, antibiotics, hormones, specialised breeding and forced feeding all up milk production so dairy farmers can produce in mass quantities. All these additives are a part of the milk that folk drink every day.

A growing number of Americans, including those who follow the pH miracle diet, are getting shot of dairy from their diet and having amazing results. In recent studies, milk has been linked to abdominal colic, abdominal irritation, anemia and allergic reactions in children and youngsters. In youngsters, the main problems were allergy, ear and tonsil infection, asthma, colic and childhood diabetes. The studies showed clearly that adults suffered from heart disease, rheumatism, allergy and sinusitis as a result of typically produced milk.

just a fast search on the dangers of dairy can really open your eyes about this safe food. Reading the study and seeing the acidic aftermath of milk and other dairy products make it clear why it is excluded on the pH miracle diet.


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