Bodacious Barbeque in Orlando

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Bodacious Barbeque Is Definitely Worth A Visit

Bodacious BBQ

I stumbled upon Bodacious BBQ not looking for a bbq joint.  Family vacations are a lot of fun most of the time, especially when you visit a hot spot like Orlando. The problem with places like Orlando is that just about everything is set up for the tourist crowd. This includes the food. The choices for places to eat in Orlando are overwhelming, there is just too much to chose from. You soon start to tire from all of the “touristy” eating locations and start to look for something a little more original.

Well for all of you barbeque aficionados I found a good place to get a great “Q” meal.   The next time you visit the “mouse” (that’s Mickey Mouse) in Orlando go to a restaurant called Bubbalou’s Bodacious BBQ.  It is a favorite of the locals.  I happened to be there on business and the place was just next door to the hotel so it made it easy for me to stop by and give it a review.

I got one of those meals that had a little bit of everything.  Their ribs were sweet and meaty with just enough smoke.  The sides of collards and corn were pretty good although the greens were just a little too bland.  They could do with a little more smoked meat flavor.  The chopped barbeque was also good.  If I were to change anything with this dish I would also make it a little spicier.

If you haven’t caught on by now you know that I like spicy.  I think that sometimes restaurant owners play it a little too safe with the “spice” meter.

Overall I think Bodacious BBQ is a pretty good barbeque restaurant.  It is not the best that I have been to but it far from the worst (there are some pretty bad Q restaurants out there).  It is definitely a nice change of pace over the regular tourist fare that you find near the theme parks.  It is worth a visit.




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