BBQ Pitmasters Coming to Pork in the Park BBQ Festival


If you haven’t heard the popular barbecue show called Barbecue Pit Masters will be arriving at the Pork in the Park BBQ Festival April 20-22, 2012 in Salisbury Maryland. Sandy Fulton is the organizer of this event and she is happy being selected as a participant in this show. The Pork in the Park Barbecue Festival has grown every year since its inception. Last year there were 134 participants. It is become one of the most popular barbecue competition events on the circuit. Judging this event has also become quite popular.


One of the reasons that is become such a “must do” event is that it is one of the first barbecue competition events of the new year. After the wintry weather who can’t wait for the upcoming barbecue season. There’s no better way to get started on a wonderful barbecue year than to enter a competition or to be a judge at the event. The event itself is quite popular with the local community. The Wicomico County Maryland Chamber of Commerce has made it one of their primary events for the year.


Much of the success of this event can be attributed to Sandy Fulton. Her energetic leadership of this event along with putting together enthusiastic sponsors makes it one of the better barbecue festivals and competitions on the Kansas City barbecue Society sanctioned events. If you get a chance it is definitely worth making the trip to enjoy some good barbecue.


Salisbury Maryland is on the Eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. If you have never been to the area is one of the gems of the state of Maryland. By the way this event is also part of the Maryland state barbecue championship events.


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