Barbeque Prime Rib Roast


On one of the few reasonable cold days of an unusually cold month of February we pulled the smoker out.  We had a prime rib roast that we were saving for something (we forgot what) and it was selected as the dish of choice for the smoker.  We kept things simple and rubbed it down with coarse salt and cracked pepper and put on for a 4 hour smoke.

We were shooting for an internal temperature of about 130 degrees (medium rare).  The best tool for this is to use a Primo Digital Remote & BBQ Thermometer
that can be put in the roast and monitored from inside.

The temperature outside was about 60 degrees Fahrenheit but very windy.  Since we were smoking we threw on some ribs in addition to the prime rib.  We needed a little more room so we used our offset smoker.

The wind was a problem so we had to use a wind screen to keep the temperature stabilized.  We didn’t have a wind screen handy so we used my Ford Expedition.  It makes a pretty good screen.

The meat turned out to be pretty good.  The only thing I would change is that I would use less wood for the smoke.  Prime rib only needs a hint of smoke because the meat is so good.

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  1. Thom says:

    Hi TC! Super nice blog. I have not tried a prime rib on my Traeger yet, but will try it.
    I am going to follow your blog. Best to you and your family!

    BBQing Tips From Deep In The Heart Of Oregon

  2. Tony says:

    Glad you liked it. Welcome!



  3. Kristal L. Rosebrook says:

    Great ideas on the prime rib!

    Kristal l. Rosebrook

  4. Tony says:

    Yes, it was a nice change of pace for Prime Rib.



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