Infrared Grills, A Real Short History

Infrared Grills happen to be the most advanced bbq grills obtainable and is going to cook your food in half the time of a Charcoal Grill. The cooking technologies of these kind of bbq grills is distinct from other bbq grills, cooking is accomplished utilizing infrared, direct-heat to grill the food as opposed to convection, [...] Read more »

The Bradley Smoker, Whenever You Truly Desire Top Quality

A Bradley Smoker will certainly enable anyone to prepare and produce wonderfully smoked meat and fish, almost any time you feel like it. With a assortment of different types there is undoubtedly a Bradley Smoker which will fit your requirements exactly. Latest Bradley Smokers Amazon products Bradley BTIS1 Original Fully Automatic 4-Rack Outdoor Food Smoker 4-rack fully automatic [...] Read more »

Things to Take Note Of When Shopping for Induction Cooktops

For most people, induction cooktops are a whole new world simply because they have been out of the reach of most household pocketbooks and wallets. However, recent technological changes have brought the prices down to more affordable levels.This is great news for most people because these cooktops offer a world of opportunity. They also offer [...] Read more »

The Importance Of Video Recipes

Making a dish is often looked at as something one can only do through offline demonstrations or cookbooks. However, with the increased dependence on the technology more and more people are embracing the online way of learning cooking. And why not? There are several advantages attached to learning from online cooking videos. Visuals And Audio Combined Cooking [...] Read more »

Cook better with a Wireless BBQ Thermometer?

A wireless BBQ thermometer is a handy kitchen tool that can be used to check the temperature of the meat while it is in the oven or in a grill,even if you are away from the grill or oven you can ensure whether your meat is being cooked at the right temperature with this unit.,The [...] Read more »

Good “Q” Blogs

Hi, TC here. I just wanted to let you know about two barbecue blogs that I recently discovered through the Barbecue Brethren forum. Both have been around for a while and probably pretty familiar to many. Well, the great thing about the Internet is that it’s so big that you will never get to [...] Read more »

Update to Backyard Smoker Barbeque Chef Website

Hey, TC here.  Just wanted to let everyone know that the BSBC website just updated to a new look and feel.   We added some features that made access to the newsletter and blog more convenient.  We’ve also added new content (more recipes).  Updating the site was fun and we are looking forward to adding more [...] Read more »