Thermoworks Thermapen – Meat Thermometer Reviews For Serious Barbecue Cooks

Message to Serious Barbecue Cooks! – A Review The Thermoworks Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer For the serious barbecue cook you have to pay attention to the temperature of the meat. It is by this internal temperature that you can tell when your meat is perfectly done. The only way to do this with any consistent success [...] Read more »

Keystone BBQ Classic Harrisburg PA

My friend and neighbor, George Hensler and his team (Who Are Those Guys?) recently took the Grand Championship at the Keystone BBQ Classic in Harrisburg, PA. George is a hell of a cook and he goes to the extra mile to perfect his recipes. His team won a 2nd in ribs and pork, [...] Read more »

BBQ Judging In Full Swing!

We’re finally starting to get the notifications of approvals for judging upcoming Q contests. Some of the contests we are scheduled to judge are the American Royal, Belair BBQ Bash, and Q by the Sea. We’re excited about going. If judging is something that you are considering it is pretty simple to get started. [...] Read more »

Top Eleven Rib Tips

Hey, TC here. I just published a new article that lists the top eleven tips for cooking great barbeque ribs. The article is aimed at the new barbeque cook so some of you veteran Q cooks make thing it is over simplified. If you have friends that want an easy recipe and [...] Read more »