Thermoworks Thermapen – Meat Thermometer Reviews For Serious Barbecue Cooks

Message to Serious Barbecue Cooks! – A Review The Thermoworks Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer For the serious barbecue cook you have to pay attention to the temperature of the meat. It is by this internal temperature that you can tell when your meat is perfectly done. The only way to do this with any consistent success [...] Read more »

The Blazin Fast Thermapen – For Serious Barbecue Cooks Only – Instant Read Thermometer

This is a precision tool for serious barbecue chefs. It is dead accurate! Read more »

Summertime Is Cooking With Chicken Barbecue Recipes

There are many tricks to perfecting your tasty chicken bbq recipes. First, avoid piercing the meat to check if it’s done, as this will release all your precious juices into the fire and dry up your meat. Secondly, you’ll want to keep your chicken moving around. Unlike BBQ chicken recipes, which should only be flipped [...] Read more »