Secret Recipes And Types Of BBQ Grills.

While at least just about everyone has either heard about or experienced an out of doors barbecue, many folks are not aware of the real tricks concerned with executing one. If you need to get a literally scrumptious BBQ dish, one must have lots of patience. Grilling can be accomplished using 2 different [...] Read more »

Solaire Infrared Gas Barbecue Intense Heat For Awesome Grilled Flavor

When the infrared burner was first invented it was used in a variety of settings including heating stores and warehouses. When initially invented the infrared burner was used as a space heater with immediate success. Solaire infrared BBQ grill are manufactured in America by Rasmussen Iron Works. Rasmussen is [...] Read more »

Infrared Grills, A Real Short History

Infrared Grills happen to be the most advanced bbq grills obtainable and is going to cook your food in half the time of a Charcoal Grill. The cooking technologies of these kind of bbq grills is distinct from other bbq grills, cooking is accomplished utilizing infrared, direct-heat to grill the food as opposed to convection, [...] Read more »