Maurice’s Barbecue Restaurant Review

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While on our way going South on I-95 we make it a point to stop that different barbecue restaurants. On this trip we passed Maurice’s Barbecue in Santee, South Carolina. Now if you are a lover of good barbecue then you know that in South Carolina the people there like their barbecue fixed a certain [...] Read more »

Ways To Host An Outdoor Dinner Get Together

When preparing a dinner party there is generally a lot to organize and if you are having it outdoors there are many points you will have to take into account. Although you may believe that it is way too stressful, when you see you and your guests having a fantastic time your concerns will certainly [...] Read more »

Juicers: Juicing the Next Health Wave

Have you ever heard someone talk about juicing? However, you may have wondered what this actually is. Well, it is a new way to get all of the fruits and vegetables that you need to eat each and every day without actually eating them. You will be turning them into juice. Now, if you are interested [...] Read more »

Ideas on The best way to Effortlessly Make a Tasty Chicken Breast Grilled Correctly

Cooking over a grill is one of the most fascinating activities that could spice up any summer gimmick you have at heart. Outdoor picnics and barbecue parties are greatest enjoyed with tasty treats which have that delectable smoky taste. Among the preferred grilled treats kids and adults adore are grilled chicken breasts cooked to their [...] Read more »

Seven Great Reasons to Be a BBQ Judge


The month of April means the beginning of the barbecue competition season. By this time of year we can’t wait to get started with our backyard barbecue and all the things that go with it. On the East Coast the first barbecue competition of the season is Pork in the Park in Salisbury, Maryland. It [...] Read more »

Points on Tips on how to Very easily Create a Delicious Chicken Breast Grilled Flawlessly

Cooking food over a grill is among the most exciting actions that could spice up any summer gimmick you have in mind. Outdoor picnics and barbecue parties are very best enjoyed with tasty treats that have that delectable smoky flavor. Between the favorite grilled treats children and adults love are grilled chicken breasts cooked to [...] Read more »

TLC’s New Barbeque Pitmaster Show

My neighbor George turned me on to TLC’s new show. I’m looking forward to seeing it. They focus on following the barbeque competition circuit of the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS). If you are into “Q” then you will probably enjoy it. I will let you know what I think once [...] Read more »