Wireless Barbecue Thermometer: Buying Advice and Barbecue Thermometer Review

If you ask any professional cook “What is the most important device in BBQ cooking?” they will surely say a wireless barbeque thermometer for the grill and another for the food, or a gadget which can monitor both grill heat and food readiness. But what if you’re not very much into barbeque food preparation and [...] Read more »

Parmigiano Reggiano: The World’s Favorite Cheese

It has been known to everyone that the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is the world’s favorite cheese. Italian people especially love to use this cheese in their cooking. The Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is known to have been homemade by the Italians hundreds of years ago. Made from cow’s unpasteurized milk, [...] Read more »

How To Distinguish the Difference Compared To Expensive and Cheap Rice Cookers?

“You get what you pay for”, says the old cliche, which is entirely true for rice cookers. People are very often reluctant to spend more than the bare minimum when they buy one because rice seems to be such a simple staple, and a rice cooker seems to be a very simple device. However, you [...] Read more »

How To Purchase A Great Induction Cooktop

In the past induction cooktops were not real common due to their expensive costs. However, there have been alot of changes in technology that have brought these prices to a more manageable level. This is great news for most people because these cooktops offer a world of opportunity. Efficiency in a “green” environment is only one [...] Read more »

A Quick Peek Into The Barbecue History

Whether you are utilising charcoal barbeques, a gas grill, a stainless steel charcoal grill or an electrical barbeque grill, barbecuing is not the same as grilling. Barbecue is the procedure employed to make various meats but in addition, it represents the thought of having a social gathering to make various meats in that way. So where [...] Read more »

Tips On How to Choose an Outdoor Gas Barbecue

I love to cook by using charcoal. I purchase charcoal barbeques more than once each year, and a week ago I found an excellent weber charcoal grill deal. What is more preferable than spending your weekend together with relatives and buddies and an outdoor grill? While you are away from your busy job, you can [...] Read more »