The Art Of Chinese Cookery

Whether cooking is an art or a science or is it both, has for long been a point of debate. Whereas, there are ingredients and procedures that go into the making of a good food or recipe, the art of cooking or the hand and the expertise of the cook cannot be ignored. No wonder [...] Read more »

Insulated Smoker/Cookers

Its been a while since I’ve posted because its been very busy where I work.  We’ve been thinking of springing for an upgraded, cabinet style, insulated smoker/cooker lately.  Checking all of the Q forums there is not a lack of opinion on which one is better.  There are those that like the Backwoods, Spicewine, Stumps, [...] Read more »

Good “Q” Blogs

Hi, TC here. I just wanted to let you know about two barbecue blogs that I recently discovered through the Barbecue Brethren forum. Both have been around for a while and probably pretty familiar to many. Well, the great thing about the Internet is that it’s so big that you will never get to [...] Read more »