Barbeque Meatball Grill Basket

Most people have probably not heard of barbeque meatballs. Meatballs are something that you eat with a pasta dish in the experience of many. Now for those of us who are somewhat knowledgeable on the topic know that meatballs cooked on the grill (and especially the smoker grill) can be pretty tasty. [...] Read more »

Let the Barbeque Season Begin!

Our barbeque season began last weekend with the Pork in the Park barbeque festival in Salisbury, MD.  The festival opens the season for most of the east coast barbeque community so it gets alot of attention. There were ninety three competitors entered for the event.  Cooks were competing in the categories of “Anything Butt” (anything but [...] Read more »

Backyard “Q” Chef

Anyone can learn how to barbeque by understanding the basics of smoker barbeque cooking. We want to keep it simple for the new cook. Lets make sure that you understand the difference between barbeque and grilling. Grilling is cooking over high heat (ususally over 500 degrees). Smoking is characterized by slow cooking over [...] Read more »