How to Barbeque Beer Can Chicken on the Smoker


Image by ghbrett via Flickr Beer Can Chicken hit the scene some years back as a very popular summertime barbeque creation that was easy to do and tasted great. It is still very popular today. It is the ideal dish for the backyard smoker barbeque chef because it is simple to do and you can vary [...] Read more »

The Backyard Barbeque Qzine

Image via Wikipedia As a subscriber to my blog you may not be aware that my main barbeque website publishes a newsletter. If you would like to check it out click this link and go to Backyard Smoker Barbeque Chef and sign up for the newsletter. As a free bonus for signing up you will get [...] Read more »

Update to Backyard Smoker Barbeque Chef Website

Hey, TC here.  Just wanted to let everyone know that the BSBC website just updated to a new look and feel.   We added some features that made access to the newsletter and blog more convenient.  We’ve also added new content (more recipes).  Updating the site was fun and we are looking forward to adding more [...] Read more »

Backyard “Q” Chef

Anyone can learn how to barbeque by understanding the basics of smoker barbeque cooking. We want to keep it simple for the new cook. Lets make sure that you understand the difference between barbeque and grilling. Grilling is cooking over high heat (ususally over 500 degrees). Smoking is characterized by slow cooking over [...] Read more »